Past Events

The following is a sample of the Bangor Foreign Policy Forum’s past events and activities:



  • “The Father, the Son, and the Sacred System: Making Sense of North Korea”
    Friedrich Löhr,
    Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Boston


  • “A Fork in the Road on Nuclear Weapons: Which Path to Security?”- Colonel Richard Klass, (USAF, ret.), Executive Director of the Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy


  • “A Two-State Solution: Health as a Bridge to Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?”
    Ms. Hadas Ziv, Visiting Oak Fellow at the Institute for the Study of International Human Rights at Colby College and the Executive Director of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel)
  • “21st Century U.S. Security Policy: Challenges and Opportunities”
    Admiral Gregory G. Johnson, USN (Ret.), Former Commander of United States Sixth Fleet and Naval Striking and Support Forces Southern Europe, and Former Military Assistant to Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen


  • “Women and Political Leadership in Iran:  Lecture and Film Presentation”
    - Dr. Shahla Haeri, Director of the Women’s Studies Program, Boston University
    – Introduction:  Ms. Marjorie M. Medd, Member, Board of Trustees, University of Maine System
  • “Bangor Forum 2008 Senate Election Special – Congressman Tom Allen
    – Congressman Allen presented his perspective on how US should deal with foreign policy challenges in the 21st century
  • “The Future of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East”
    – Live videoconference debate between students from the University of Maine and University in Cairo (AUC).
  • “Seeds of Peace & its Impact on Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking”
    Tim Wilson, Senior Advisor, Director of Alumni Affairs, and Director Emeritus Seeds of Peace International Camp
  • “Bangor Forum 2008 Senate Election Special – Senator Susan Collins
    – Senator Collins presented her perspective on how US should deal with foreign policy challenges in the 21st century
  • “U.S. Relations with Latin America”
    Ambassador Patrick Duddy, U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela
  • “Private-Sector Entities and Latin American Economic Integration”
    David Fleming, Vice President, Senior Editor and Supervisory Analyst Global Investment Research Division’s Content Management Group, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  • “Persistence from the Margins: Women’s Filmmaking in Contemporary China”
    Dr. Shu-chin Tsui, Director of Asian Studies, Bowdoin College
  • “Climate Change and Global Politics: Who Cares if Bangladesh Drowns? ”
    Afsan Chowdhury, 2008 Oak Fellow, The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights at Colby College


  • “U.S. Military Use of Media Pools, and the Effects on Public Opinion”
    Shannon Martin, Professor of Communication, University of Maine
  • “Russia: Internal Developments & Foreign Policy”
    James Warhola, Professor of Political Science, University of Maine
  • “Misperceptions in U.S. – Mexico Relations”
    Andrew Selee, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
  • “Iraq: The Civil War & Sectarian Conflict”
    Judith Yaphe, National Defense University
  • “Islamic Movements in the Middle East”
    Augustus Richard Norton, Professor of International Relations and Anthropology at Boston University
  • “US-Iran relations: Looking into the Future”
    Bruce Riedel, Senior Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution
  • “Can We Preserve Peace by Protecting the Environment?”
    Geoffrey D. Dabelko, Director Environmental Change and Security Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
  • “US-India Relations after the Nuclear Agreement”
    Deepti Choubey, Deputy Director, Nonproliferation Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • “Archeological Past / Cultural Continuity: The Case of Peru”
    Dan Sandweiss, Dean and Associate Provost for Graduate Studies; Professor of Anthropology and Quaternary & Climate Studies