October 28 – Cyber Warfare: Past, Present and Future

The Leeke-Shaw Lecture at the Margaret Chase Smith Library
Sponsored by the Mid Maine Global Forum

Speaker: Professor George Markowsky

Abstract: Cyber warfare can be thought of as the latest embodiment of military intelligence. The ubiquity of computing devices has blurred the distinction between kinetic and non-kinetic forms of warfare. This talk will survey the precursors of cyberwarfare, the current state of cyberwarfare and some scenarios for how it might develop in the future. We will discuss how cyberwarfare relates to cybercrime, terrorism, hacktivism, and citizen action. We will also name the most active parties in the cyberwar space and what their strategies are. Cyber warfare is a real phenomenon and is a major force in the political landscape. Cyber warfare has the capability to engage the individual citizen. We will discuss how people can avoid being collateral damage in the constant cyber warfare that is taking place on the Internet.