September 23 – The Israeli Economic Miracle: Lessons for Maine

Perry B. Newman, President of Atlantica Group LLC

DATE: September 23, 2013
TIME: 7:30 AM
LOCATION: Bangor Public Library

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Abstract: Maine and businesses in Maine face a number of challenges in the effort to remain competitive. Our population is small and it is aging. Our location does not afford us direct access to large concentrations of talent or capital. Our infrastructure is limited, and connectivity must be improved. With all of these challenges, how can we get ahead? Some answers may be found thousands of miles away, in Israel.

With almost no natural resources, a small population and neighbors that are less than friendly, Israel faces daunting existential challenges. Yet it has managed to excel in a range of technologies and disciplines that have made it a global poster child for innovation and economic growth. Israel publishes more scientific papers per capita than any country in the world. There are more start-ups per capita in Israel than in any country in the world. There are more Israeli companies traded on the NASDAQ than any other country except the US and China. Microsoft, Google, Intel and Apple all have major R & D facilities in Israel…

Why has Israel succeeded? And what lessons can we learn from what many are calling “Start-up Nation?” This presentation will examine the Israeli economic miracle in some detail and suggest that there may be things we can do, and attitudes we can adjust, that can help us achieve some of the same successes right here in Maine.

PBN_Taylor_Med640About the speaker: Perry B. Newman is the founder and director of Atlantica Group LLC and Atlantica Analytics.  Founded in 2000, Atlantica Group is a global business development consultancy based in Portland, Maine.  Atlantica Group assists business, governments and not-for-profit organizations in achieving international development objectives. Clients are located in North America, Europe and Israel.

Atlantica Analytics provides competitive intelligence and actionable insights to clients in the public and private sectors.

Prior to forming Atlantica Group, Mr. Newman served from 1996 – 2000 as Maine’s first Director of International Trade and President of the Maine International Trade Center.  In that capacity and as an international business attorney he has facilitated exports, projects and cooperative linkages with partners in more than twenty-five countries on four continents.  In 2000, Mr. Newman was selected by the European Union to study project and infrastructure development in Brussels and Scandinavia.

He serves as the Chair of the Maine District Export Council, appointed first by United States Department of Commerce Secretary William Daley (Clinton administration), then by Secretaries Evans and Gutierrez (Bush administration), and most recently by Secretary Gary Locke (Obama administration).

A frequent lecturer and writer on global business topics, Mr. Newman’s work has appeared in World Trade Magazine, Progress Magazine (Canada), Israel 21C, the National Law Journal, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Lewiston Sun-Journal, the Bangor Daily News and the Portland Press Herald. He has spoken to groups on international business and economic development throughout the US and in Canada, and has been interviewed on such matters by National Public Radio (NPR), the Wall Street Journal, US Business Review and the CBC, among others.

His recently published book, The Ten Commandments of International Business, provides a useful guide to “going global” for entrepreneurs and economic developers alike, and has been sold to readers throughout N. America, Europe, Israel and China. The book has been translated into French and is available as Les Dix Commandements du Commerce International.

A graduate of Oberlin College (B.A.) and Washington University (J.D.), he serves on the board of the New England Canada Business Council, and has served as well on the boards of the French American Chamber of Commerce for New England, the New England Israel Business Council, the Maine Port Authority and the Portland Chamber Music Festival.

Mr. Newman has received a number of awards and honors, including:

  • In 2000, Mr. Newman was selected by the European Union to study trans-national infrastructure development in Brussels and Denmark
  • In 2004, Mr. Newman was named Canada’s first Honorary Consul to Maine and continues to serve in that capacity
  • In 2008, MaineBiz magazine named him to its “NEXT” list of persons likely to impact Maine’s economy over the next decade
  • In 2010, the State of Israel honored Mr. Newman for his “remarkable efforts” to promote economic collaboration between Israel and New England
  • In 2010, the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine presented Mr. Newman with the Joel and Linda Abromson Award, which enabled Mr. Newman to travel to Israel and study joint Jewish-Arab economic development initiatives in Nazareth and elsewhere in the country.

In addition to his consulting work, Mr. Newman is an Adjunct Professor of International Business at the University of Southern Maine, where he teaches International Business and International Marketing.

Mr. Newman is an avid musician and fitness enthusiast. He is married to Sharon Newman, an attorney with expertise in environmental law, and has two grown daughters.