July 13th, 2012 – Anti-Submarine Warfare and U.S. Naval Strategy for the 21st Century

Abstract:  Since the first truly operational submarine USS Holland went to sea in 1900, the submarine as a weapons system, both tactical and strategic, has been a significant driver in the tactical and strategic thinking of all maritime nations and in their considerations of national maritime and naval policies. Over 100 years of submarine and anti-submarine technology, although iterative, has evolved into a modern period in which submarines still pose a significant threat and are in many cases within the operational control of nations and non-state actors for whom the use of submarines provides a force equalizer, incommensurate with their size and abilities. This presentation will discuss the modern ASW problem and how ASW has evolved within the decades since the end of World War II. This will include discussions on modern real world ASW confrontations ranging from the use of drug smuggling submarines to the use of submarines during the Falklands war. It will also discuss the potential ASW problems created by Iran, North Korea, and the PLAN.

DATE: Friday, July 13th, 2012 at 7:30 AM
LOCATION: Bangor Public Library, Lecture Hall
SPEAKER: W. Vince Quintana, Principal Engineer, Bath Iron Works Corporation

About the Speaker:  Vince Quintana is currently the principal human factors test engineer at Bath Iron Works working on the US Navy’s next generation DDG 1000 Destroyer. His US Navy background includes over twenty years of experience conducting operational ASW in all of the worlds’ major oceans on six different US Surface Navy tactical ASW platforms, using active and passive sonar systems in conjunction with non-acoustic sensors. As an ASW specialist and master level acoustic analysts, he was instrumental in the creation of multi-level, multi-sensor ASW training systems which encompassed every aspect of the global ASW problem across all ASW platform domains including sub-surface, surface, air and theatre level ASW surveillance systems. He has received US navy decorations for his work on US Navy special ASW operations, and for the development of advanced operational acoustic methods and ASW weapons systems.